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Proyecto Español Granada

Photo de Proyecto Español Granada Logo de Proyecto Español Granada

c/ Párraga, 18
18002 Granada
Granada Andalucía

Tel:+34 965 23 06 55
Fax:+34 965 14 53 30

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   (Español, inglés, alemán, francés, italiano)

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Intensive 20 hours

Course dates:From 01-01-2019 To 31-12-2019
Maximum number of students per class:10
Minimum number of students per class:3
Levels:A1Beginner, A2Begginer, B1Intermediate, B2Intermediate, C1Advanced, C2Higher
No. of classes per day:5
Duration of the class:50 minutes

Prices orientativos
1 week (25 hours): 200 euros
2 weeks (50 hours): 340 euros
4 weeks (100 hours): 620 euros

Course information last updated: March 28, 2019.

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