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El Carmen de las Cuevas

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Cuesta de los Chinos, 15 (Albaicín)
18010 Granada
Granada Andalucía

Tel:+ 34 958 22 10 62
Fax:+ 34 958 22 04 76

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Intensivo 30 horas

Course dates:From 09-01-2017 To 22-12-2017
Maximum number of students per class:8
Minimum number of students per class:1
Servicies included in the price:Placement test, registration, guidance, student's handbook, classes, class handbook, tutorials
Levels:A1Beginner, A2Begginer, B1Intermediate, B2Intermediate, C1Advanced, C2Higher
No. of classes per day:6
Duration of the class:45 minutes

Prices orientativos
1 week (30 hours): 361 euros
2 weeks (60 hours): 624 euros
4 weeks (120 hours): 1248 euros

Course information last updated: February 09, 2017.

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