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EIBUR Español

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C/ San Pablo 12C - !4
09002 Burgos
Burgos Castilla y León

Telephone:+ 34 947 278 047
Fax:+ 34 947 209 519

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Spanish language courses on offer (2018/2019)

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  • Taylor-made courses
  • Hispanic culture courses
  • Spanish only courses
  • Spanish and sports
  • Extensive Spanish course
  • Spanish and gastronomy
  • Spanish and literature
  • Spanish for immigrants


Type: Private
Premises: Flat
Location: City centre
Access to centre:Bus
Walking distance to centre: Less than 5 minutes
Established: 2008
Nº of teachers: 3
Nº of students enrolled in previous course: 5
Availability of study grants
Courses offered by age: 18-40, +40
Other quality assurance accreditations: ISO 9000-2000, EFQM
Collaboration agreements with: Convenios con universidades internacionales no europeas
Qualifications of teaching staff: Graduate/Doctorate level, Experts in Spanish as a foreign language (ELE)

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Electronic board
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  • Photo de EIBUR Español
Photo de EIBUR Español
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Course information last updated: February 04, 2019

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